Guide 2 Coffee

Guide to Coffee provides information on everything there is to know about coffee, different styles of coffee, machines, espresso, drinks and more. 

Macchiato - The Long and Short of It

The Espresso Macchiato is a drink for the coffee lover. In this post we look into the difference between long and short macchiato's. The term Macchiato originates from Italy and means'marked' or 'stained'. So how does this relate to your coffee? Well a macchiato is traditionally a shot of espresso coffee with just a dash of steamed milk, served in a demitasse glass.

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Correct Storage of Coffee Beans

The method that you use for storage of coffee beans is critical to ensure that you will be able to continue getting the freshest and best tasting drink. Coffee is just like any other fresh produce that you purchase as they get older if not stored correctly they will go stale, lose flavour and taste unimpressive. This post will look into a few of the key points to remember when storing coffee and how you can get the best out of those beans. The first thing to know is the biggest enemies of coffee. These are:

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What is Stretching Milk?

The term 'stretching' milk is used to refer to the technique to heat and create a desired amount of foam for a milk based espresso drink. This post will explain a little about how to create the perfect latte, cappuccino or flat white through correctly steaming and stretching milk. To ensure you get the best results it is important to start with nicely chilled milk, followed by ensuring your milk pitcher is also cold.

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